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Epoxy countertops can look like almost any stone countertop but with a more detailed finish. Buffalo Epoxy Countertop Pros offers homeowners epoxy countertop options.  You can even use an epoxy coating to resurface an existing countertop without replacing the material underneath! Because Epoxy can be difficult to finish properly due to its quick drying time, this is one project best left to the professionals.  The Buffalo Epoxy Countertop Pros experienced team has been working with Epoxy for years and understands how to cure and finish this material properly.

Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

When is an Epoxy Countertop a Good Option?

Epoxy is a resin combined with a hardener to form a liquid. Epoxy is naturally clear, but we can color it with paint to create beautiful hues. Epoxy can seal concrete countertops to make them more stain-resistant. If you are considering epoxy countertops, consider the following: You want a one-of-a-kind countertop. We can make almost any color or pattern you want with Epoxy. Epoxy is an extremely versatile material for use anywhere countertops are required, whether you want a truly unique countertop or want to match the natural stone.

Epoxy kitchen Countertops in buffalo

You place a premium on durability. If you don’t want to worry about heat damaging the surface of the materials and being toxic to your food, Epoxy is an excellent choice. Although extremely hot items can harm the layers beneath the Epoxy, Although very hot items can harm the layers beneath Epoxy if left to sit, you can set a hot pot or pan down for a few seconds without damaging the top layer. You don’t want to waste any more time cleaning. Epoxy is simple to clean and will not be harmed by most cleaning products. It is nonporous and can simply be wiped clean with any product of your choice. Request a Free Estimate Today! For more information on epoxy countertops for your home, contact Buffalo Epoxy Countertop Pros. Call us or fill out our contact form today!

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Benefits Of Epoxy Countertops

When Epoxy hardens, it forms a solid surface that will last for many years. We like Epoxy because of its long-lasting luster. Unlike varnishes and other coatings, you do not have to reapply the material when it becomes dull. Compared to other countertop materials and coatings, the long-lasting finish holds up well. We rarely see the epoxy surface cracking or being damaged.

  • High-Gloss Surface

If you like a super-shiny and glossy polished finish, Epoxy is for you. It doesn’t get any glossier than this. It does wear down over time, but you can regularly keep the high-gloss look by applying mineral oil.

  • Design Possibilities Are Endless

Epoxy is most likely the most versatile countertop material when it comes to design options. Any color or pattern you can imagine can be created. Seamless Epoxy is the only countertop material that can provide a seamless surface for continuous color and pattern.

  • Resistant to heat

You can place a hot dish on the surface without immediately ruining it. Remember that leaving a hot baking dish or coffee carafe on an epoxy layer will eventually damage the surface. Epoxy is resistant to heat but not heatproof. Use it for hot pots to protect epoxy countertops or any type of kitchen countertop from heat damage.

  • Food safe and non-toxic

After curing the epoxy resin, most epoxy products are considered non-toxic and food-safe for countertops. Because the chemicals used to make the hard surface typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), proper ventilation is required during the application and for a few days afterward as the VOCs evaporate.

  • Simple to clean

You can use almost any cleaning product on it without damaging the Epoxy, ensuring a safe environment for food preparation. Mold and bacteria cannot grow on the nonporous surface.

How Much Does An Epoxy Countertop Cost?

Epoxy countertops are an excellent choice both when money is tight and when it is not! Because epoxy can be used to refinish others and comes in many colors, finishes, and designs, the prices can vary greatly, satisfying a wide range of color schemes, budgets, and needs. Depending on the size of your countertop space, and the color selection, the prices can vary greatly.  If you are interested in receiving a free quote from us, call today!

Epoxy Countertops in buffalo, ny

Get a Free Estimate on Your Epoxy Countertop Project Today!

There is no need to wait to receive an estimated cost for your epoxy project if you have questions about the cost. We provide reasonable prices and high-quality services.  Call or email us today for a free estimate on your project! Finally, epoxy resin countertops are ideal for getting high-quality countertops without spending a fortune.  Whether your current countertops are indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, old or worn, we can work with you.  We want to help you get the perfect countertops, so contact us today by phone or email to schedule an appointment. For more information on epoxy countertops for your home, contact Buffalo Epoxy Countertop Pros. Call us today for more details.

Epoxy Countertop FAQ's

Epoxy is mostly used for refinishing purposes. Applying a coating of this material to old, worn, or out-of-style bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, and floors can help restore or revive them.

Epoxy cures to form a solid surface that should last for years.
Because of its long-lasting luster, epoxy is a favorite of ours.
Unlike varnishes and other forms of coatings, the substance does not need to be reapplied every time it becomes dull. In comparison to other types of countertop materials and coatings, the robust finish keeps up well. We seldom see the epoxy surface crack or be damaged in any way.

A resin is mixed with a hardener to make epoxy countertops.
Both compounds are sold as liquids, but when blended, they solidify. The main downsides of epoxy countertops, which we’ll go over in more detail below, are that it hardens quickly, is difficult to work with, and is messy. Unless you choose a textured epoxy product, however, the outcome is a crystal-clear and glossy finish for your counters once completed.

You can place a hot food on the surface without damaging it right away. Keep in mind that if you put a hot baking dish or coffee carafe on an epoxy coating, the surface will eventually be damaged. Heat resistance is a feature of epoxy, however it is not heatproof. To preserve epoxy worktops or any type of kitchen countertop from heat damage, use trivets for hot pots.